3 Simple Steps on how to Get Unlimited E-Mail Accounts for Pennies a Day


    As an Online Home Based busy owner you will reach a point where all those free E-Mail Accounts just don't work anymore. It is possible to get Unlimited E-Mail Accounts for Pennies a Day just follow these 3 Simple Tips

    1. Register a Domain Name

    2. Find A Web Host

    A Note about low Cost Web Host's. Do not use a Low Cost Web Host to set up a Massive Web Site. They just won't give you enough Bandwidth or Disk Space. Only use a Low Cost host for small Web sites and/or E-Mail Accounts.

    3. Setup E-mail Accounts

    Once you have your Host you can Set-up Your E-Mail Accounts. Most Web Host's allow you to set up at 4 Different Types of E-Mail accounts.

    • Pop 3/SMTP
      These are your Standard E-Mail accounts you use with Outlook

    • Forwarders
      These E_mail Accounts work like redirect URLS. I have an E-mail Address called mike@Domain. com. I have an Account Mike-bc. domain. com but all mail that is sent to mike-bc. domain. com actually goes to mike@domain. com The Real power of this is that I can have an unlimited number of accounts Forwarded to Mike@Domain. com. Like Mike-LH@Domian. com and Mike-Ads@Domain. com

      Similarly I may have Mike-Newsletter@domain. com and Mike-Ezine@Domain. com all going to OnlineRequests@domain. com

      Another Twist on Forwarders. Let's say you have many Domains. Domain1, Domain2, Domain3 and Domain4. You can actually forward to

      Any E-Mail account that has other accounts Forwarding E-Mails to it are Collection Accounts.

    • Default
      default@Domain. com

      This is a real Special Collection account I like to think of it as The Catch-All Collection Account. The Default E_mail account is like a Lost and Found let's say somebody sends an E-Mail to something@domain. com and that account doesn't exist it then gets routed to default@Domain. com

    • Auto Responders
      Most Web Host's will allow you to set up a Limited autoresponder that only sends 1 Return Message
    Is it Really Just Pennies a Day?
    In Step 1 You registered a Domain for $10 a Year Tops. In Step 2 You Found a Web Host for $5 a Year So for a Grand Total of $15 a Year less the 5 Cents a Day you now have Unlimited E-Mail Accounts.

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