The Most Critical Strategy to Your Survival, and Prosperity, Online


    For the sake of your long term survival and your short termprofitability online, you've got to think of your businessas more than just one or more products or services. Gettingcustomers is the hard part, so the best strategy is almostalways to gain their business long term.

    What's not as well understood is that for this very samereason, your survival may easily depend on how well youexecute this strategy. When online businesses get more outof their traffic by doing this, they're willing to pay morefor the traffic and so the cost of traffic increasesoverall.

    And it doesn't matter whether the traffic is free or not. Because when it's free, there will be more businesses outthere willing to put in the time to get this free traffic, which leaves less of it for you, at least for the time youput in. All other things being equal, if were to continue toget the same amount of traffic, you would have to put inmore time.

    And on-line businesses WILL be doing more of this as wordgets around that this kind of strategy is the way to go. Soyour survival online will increasingly depend on how wellyou do this.

    For those reasons, opt-in marketing done correctly - whererelationships with your prospects and customers are a toppriority - becomes more important every day. Theserelationships are not much different than any other. Theyrequire time. They require the trust of your opt-ins. Andthey require that the opt-ins see more value in what yousend them than most other things they run into online or intheir inbox.

    That last part can be pretty tricky without the personalelement. As an individual, even if you do have peopleworking for you, you're able to use this to your extremeadvantage. When you throw this into the mix, everything youdo carries more value - both to you and your subscribers andcustomers. It becomes easier for you to develop trust andestablish credibility this way. These are important becauseas a marketer, the highest level you can attain is that of atrusted advisor.

    You personally become be most important element in yourmarketing when your subscribers rely on you for yourrecommendations and your guidance.

    All of a sudden, the role you take on with your list allowsyou to take on a whole new perspective in your daily lifebecause if you're tuned in, many things in your work or lifeoutside of that could be informative or serve to illustratea point to your subscribers. This is stuff your readers justcan't get anywhere else!

    When the sight of your email in your subscribers' inboxtriggers the idea of you as a person in their minds, you'llnaturally get more of your emails read? which translatesdirectly to more sales. This happens naturally. Yourmessages will have more of an impact because the readersaren't putting up their defenses as they normally would. Themessage can be taken at face value.

    Although I'm limited to what I can show you in this article, I cover these things in more depth in my ebook "How to WinMore Customers That Buy More Product More Often," which iscompletely FREE. You'll find the link in the resource boxbelow.


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