The Most Simple Way to Mask Your Email-address


    We all know that spammers are looking for your email-address. You can mislead them easily in order to prevent receiving spamming emails. The most simple way to do this is by providing your email-address as a logo.

    The most easy way to do this is by going to www. cooltext. com and click on "logo".

    Follow the instructions and you will have a logo or picture instead of text.

    Spying software cannot detect your email-address.

    You just have to upload the picture into your webpagedirectory and place it into the HTML-page where you want your email-address to be mentioned. And you are done !

    The drawback is however that the logo itself is not a hyperlink enabling someone to automatically reply to your email-address. S/he has to do it manually by typing your email-address in the "to" field of the email-application-window.

    If you would like to have a masked hyperlinked email-address then it becomes a little more complicated.

    This software will indicate that you have to copy a code into the head of your HTML-page and another code into the body of your HTML-page (at the place where you like to have your email address to appear). You can even mention a text that has to appear in the subject of the email.

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    (c) 2005 Rogel Dias, Antwerpen, Belgium


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