Top 5 Reasons to Use Autoresponders


    One of the best and newest tools out there for generatingrevenue is the Auto-Responder. If you aren't using thistool in your business you are *losing money*!

    Many times customers arrive at your website but aren't quiteready to buy. They may not buy from you until they've seenyour product more than once. So how do you keep them inyour net until they are ready to buy? Auto-responders.

    I've outlined the top 5 reasons you should be using thissimple tool in your business starting today.

    1. CHEAP. Of course this is the TOP reason to use auto-responders. Many times your web hosting company will offerfre*e auto-responders with your account. GoDaddy. com, myfavorite hosting company offers fre*e auto-responders withyour paid hosting account; however, the length of themessage is limited. Another great option is Get Response, they offer a fre*e auto-responder account with unlimitedauto-responders and up to 5 follow up messages. It doesn'tget cheaper than that!

    2. CONSISTENT. Auto-responders are a wonderful way toconsistently remind your customer about you and yourproduct. The best part of the newer services out there likeGet Response is that they allow you to send 5 separatemessages and set your own interval. So you can set up 5messages and have Get Response send them out for you once aweek for 5 weeks.

    3. EASY. Auto-responders are easy to use. You plan yourcampaign, the number of times you want to contact yourcustomer and how frequently. Type out your messages in yourword processing software, then cut and paste your messagesinto separate auto-responders and send. It's that easy.

    4. AUTOMATIC. The auto-responder, once set up, is on auto-pilot. Your work is done and for the next several messagesyou'll be contacting your customers without lifting afinger.

    5. REMINDER. The best part of the auto-responder is thereminder aspect. Most of us don't have time to call ourcustomers every week but with an auto-responder in place youcan remind them about you and your product or service. Frequency is one key to increasing sales.

    Did I say Top 5? Okay how about one more.

    6. REPEAT BUSINESS. Auto-responders encourage repeatbusiness. Once someone is in your system, if they like yourproduct or service they will likely purchase again. Auto-responders create a way for you to encourage repeat sales byletting those who have purchased before know you've got anew product or that you are running a special.

    If you aren't employing this new viral marketing strategyyou need to get started today. Your business growth dependson it.


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