Sequential Autoresponders Build Customer Relatonships


    A powerful reason for making the switch from using theunlimited autoresponders that come free with your web hosting account to paying a monthly fee for an autoresponder service is the building of customer relationships through sequential autoresponders.

    Although many web hosts offer unlimited autoresponders, each autoresponder is only capable of sending one response. Building business relationships that will increase yoursales begins with the use of sequential autoresponders from a paid autoresponder service.

    For example, if you want a copy of this article e-mailedto you, an ordinary autoresponder will do the job. But, what if you want me to send you a seven-part e-mail course? At the end of each autoresponder, I could refer you to the next autoresponder, but having you request all seven e-mails with just one action makes more sense.

    Additionally, marketing experts generally seem to agree that a person needs to be exposed to your message multipletimes before they respond or buy. If someone subscribesto your autoresponder because of their interest in asubject, you can then supply them with helpful information on a regular basis.

    Thus, you establish trust and a relationship with your prospective customers. When they trust you, they aremore likely to act on your recommendations and buy fromyou.

    This type of relationship is pretty hard to develop with just one e-mail. However, several e-mails from a sequential autoresponder will help you to build such trust as your prospective customers get to know you over time.

    As well, people have so many things clamoring for theirattention that many just forget about you and yourproducts and services unless you periodically remind them.

    So, by paying a modest monthly fee, you can have unlimited, sequential autoresponders working for you. Yes, a paidautoresponder service can help increase sales by buildingtrust and business relationships.


    J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc., has been helping clients to earn maximum business profits for over twenty-five years.


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